mamayam na tavety uccais
tasmin vivadamanayoh
papracchur rsayo deva
naivoce vridita tu sa
mama—mine; ayam—this (child); na—not; tava—yours; iti—thus; uccaih—very loudly; tasmin—for the child; vivadamanayoh—when the two parties were fighting; papracchuh—inquired (from Tara); rsayah—all the saintly persons; devah—all the demigods; na—not; eva—indeed; uce—said anything; vridita—being ashamed; tu—indeed; saTara.
Fighting again broke out between Brhaspati and the moon-god, both of whom claimed, “This is my child, not yours!” All the saints and demigods present asked Tara whose child the newborn baby actually was, but because she was ashamed she could not immediately answer.

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