rupam tavaitan nanu duskrtatmanam
durdarsanam deva yad adhvaratmakam
chandamsi yasya tvaci barhi-romasv
ajyam drsi tv anghrisu catur-hotram
rupamform; tavaYour; etatthis; nanubut; duskrta-atmanamof souls who are simply miscreants; durdarsanamvery difficult to see; devaO Lord; yatthat; adhvara-atmakamworshipable by performances of sacrifice; chandamsithe Gayatri mantra and others; yasyawhose; tvacitouch of the skin; barhihsacred grass called kusa; romasuhairs on the body; ajyamclarified butter; drsiin the eyes; tualso; anghrisuon the four legs; catuh-hotramfour kinds of fruitive activities.
O Lord, Your form is worshipable by performances of sacrifice, but souls who are simply miscreants are unable to see it. All the Vedic hymns, Gayatri and others, are in the touch of Your skin. In Your bodily hairs is the kusa grass, in Your eyes is the clarified butter, and in Your four legs are the four kinds of fruitive activities.
There is a class of miscreants who are known in the words of Bhagavad-gita as veda-vadi, or so-called strict followers of the Vedas. They do not believe in the incarnation of the Lord, what to speak of the Lords incarnation as the worshipable hog. They describe worship of the different forms or incarnations of the Lord as anthropomorphism. In the estimation of Srimad-Bhagavatam these men are miscreants, and in Bhagavad-gita (7.15) they are called not only miscreants but also fools and the lowest of mankind, and it is said that their knowledge has been plundered by illusion due to their atheistic temperament. For such condemned persons, the Lords incarnation as the gigantic hog is invisible. These strict followers of the Vedas who despise the eternal forms of the Lord may know from Srimad-Bhagavatam that such incarnations are personified forms of the Vedas. Lord Boars skin, His eyes and His bodily hair holes are all described here as different parts of the Vedas. He is therefore the personified form of the Vedic hymns, and specifically the Gayatri mantra.

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