rsaya ucuh
jitam jitam te íjita yajna-bhavana
trayim tanum svam paridhunvate namah
yad-roma-gartesu nililyur addhayas
tasmai namah karana-sukaraya te
rsayah ucuh—the glorified sages uttered; jitam—all glories; jitam—all victories; te—unto You; ajita—O unconquerable one; yajna-bhavana—one who is understood by performances of sacrifice; trayim—personified Vedas; tanum—such a body; svam—own; paridhunvate—shaking; namah—all obeisances; yat—whose; roma—hairs; gartesu—in the holes; nililyuh—submerged; addhayah—the oceans; tasmai—unto Him; namah—offering obeisances; karana-sukaraya—unto the hog form assumed for reasons; te—unto You.
All the sages uttered with great respect: O unconquerable enjoyer of all sacrifices, all glories and all victories unto You! You are moving in Your form of the personified Vedas, and in the hair holes of Your body the oceans are submerged. For certain reasons [to uplift the earth] You have now assumed the form of a boar.
The Lord can assume any form He likes, and in all circumstances He is the cause of all causes. Since His form is transcendental, He is always the Supreme Personality of Godhead, as He is in the Causal Ocean in the form of Maha-Visnu. Innumerable universes generate from the holes of His bodily hairs, and thus His transcendental body is the Vedas personified. He is the enjoyer of all sacrifices, and He is the unconquerable Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is never to be misunderstood to be other than the Supreme Lord because of His assuming the form of a boar to lift the earth. That is the clear understanding of sages and great personalities like Brahma and other residents of the higher planetary systems.

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