aho sanatha bhavata sma yad vayam
traivistapanam api dura-darsanam
pasyema rupam tava sarva-saubhagam
ahooh, it is our good luck; sa-nathahto be under the protection of the master; bhavataby Your good self; smaas we have become; yat vayamas we are; traivista-panamof the demigods; apialso; dura-darsanamvery rarely seen; prema-smitasmiling with love; snigdhaaffectionate; niriksana-ananamface looking in that mode; pasyemalet us look; rupambeauty; tavaYour; sarvaall; saubhagamauspiciousness.
Oh, it is our good luck that we have come again today under Your protection by Your presence, for Your Lordship rarely visits even the denizens of heaven. Now it is possible for us to look into Your smiling face, which is full of affectionate glances. We can now see Your transcendental form, full of all auspiciousness.
The Lord in His eternal personal form can be seen only by the pure devotees. The Lord is never impersonal, but He is the Supreme Absolute Personality of Godhead, possible to be visited by devotional service face to face, which is impossible to be done even by the denizens of higher planets. When Brahmaji and other demigods want to consult Lord Visnu, the plenary portion of Lord Krsna, they have to wait on the shore of the ocean of milk where Lord Visnu is lying on White Land (Svetadvipa). This ocean of milk and the Svetadvipa planet are the replica of Vaikunthaloka within the universe. Neither Brahmaji nor the demigods like Indra can enter into this island of Svetadvipa, but they can stand on the shore of the ocean of milk and transmit their message to Lord Visnu, known as Ksirodakasayi Visnu. Therefore, the Lord is rarely seen by them, but the inhabitants of Dvaraka, because of their being pure devotees without any tinge of the material contamination of fruitive activities and empiric philosophical speculation, can see Him face to face by the grace of the Lord. This is the original state of the living entities and can be attained by reviving our natural and constitutional state of life, which is discovered by devotional service only.

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