yarhy ambujaksapasasara bho bhavan
kurun madhun vatha suhrd-didrksaya
tatrabda-koti-pratimah ksano bhaved
ravim vinaksnor iva nas tavacyuta
yarhiwhenever; ambuja-aksaO lotus-eyed one; apasasaraYou go away; bhooh; bhavanYourself; kurunthe descendants of King Kuru; madhunthe inhabitants of Mathura (Vrajabhumi); vaeither; athatherefore; suhrt-didrksayafor meeting them; tatraat that time; abda-kotimillions of years; pratimahlike; ksanahmoments; bhavetbecomes; ravimthe sun; vinawithout; aksnohof the eyes; ivalike that; nahours; tavaYour; acyutaO infallible one.

While entering the city of Dvaraka, Lord Krsna acknowledged all the inhabitants' greetings by casting His transcendental glance over them.

O lotus-eyed Lord, whenever You go away to Mathura, Vrndavana or Hastinapura to meet Your friends and relatives, every moment of Your absence seems like a million years. O infallible one, at that time our eyes become useless, as if bereft of sun.
We are all proud of our material senses for making experiments to determine the existence of God. But we forget that our senses are not absolute by themselves. They can only act under certain conditions. For example, our eyes. As long as the sunshine is there, our eyes are useful to a certain extent. But in the absence of sunshine, the eyes are useless. Lord Sri Krsna, being the primeval Lord, the Supreme Truth, is compared to the sun. Without Him all our knowledge is either false or partial. The opposite of the sun is the darkness, and similarly the opposite of Krsna is maya, or illusion. The devotees of the Lord can see everything in true perspective due to the light disseminated by Lord Krsna. By the grace of the Lord the pure devotee cannot be in the darkness of ignorance. Therefore, it is necessary that we must always be in the sight of Lord Krsna so that we can see both ourselves and the Lord with His different energies. As we cannot see anything in the absence of the sun, so also we cannot see anything including our own self, without the factual presence of the Lord. Without Him all our knowledge is covered by illusion.

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