katham vayam natha cirosite tvayi
jivema te sundara-hasa-sobhitam
apasyamana vadanam manoharam
iti codirita vacah
prajanam bhakta-vatsalah
srnvano 'nugraham drstya
vitanvan pravisat puram
kathamhow; vayamwe; nathaO Lord; cirositebeing abroad almost always; tvayiby You; prasannasatisfaction; drstyaby the glance; akhilauniversal; tapamiseries; sosanamvanquishing; jivemashall be able to live; teYour; sundarabeautiful; hasasmiling; sobhitamdecorated; apasyamanahwithout seeing; vadanamface; manoharamattractive; itithus; caand; udiritahspeaking; vacahwords; prajanamof the citizens; bhakta-vatsalahkind to the devotees; srnvanahthus learning; anugrahamkindness; drstyaby glances; vitanvandistributing; pravisatentered; puramDvarakapuri.
O master, if You live abroad all the time, then we cannot look at Your attractive face, whose smiles vanquish all our sufferings. How can we exist without Your presence?Upon hearing their speeches, the Lord, who is very kind to the citizens and the devotees, entered the city of Dvaraka and acknowledged all their greetings by casting His transcendental glance over them.
Lord Krsna's attraction is so powerful that once being attracted by Him one cannot tolerate separation from Him. Why is this so? Because we are all eternally related with Him as the sun rays are eternally related with the sun disc. The sun rays are molecular parts of the solar radiation. Thus the sun rays and the sun cannot be separated. The separation by the cloud is temporary and artificial, and as soon as the cloud is cleared, the sun rays again display their natural effulgence in the presence of the sun. Similarly, the living entities, who are molecular parts of the whole spirit, are separated from the Lord by the artificial covering of maya, illusory energy. This illusory energy, or the curtain of maya, has to be removed, and when it is so done, the living entity can see the Lord face to face, and all his miseries are at once removed. Every one of us wants to remove the miseries of life, but we do not know how to do it. The solution is given here, and it rests on us to assimilate it or not.

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