bhavaya nas tvam bhava visva-bhavana
tvam eva matatha suhrt-patih pita
tvam sad-gurur nah paramam ca daivatam
yasyanuvrttya krtino babhuvima
bhavaya—for welfare; nah—for us; tvam—Your Lordship; bhava—just become; visva-bhavana—the creator of the universe; tvam—Your Lordship; eva—certainly; mata—mother; atha—as also; suhrt—well-wisher; patih—husband; pita—father; tvam—Your Lordship; sat-guruh—spiritual master; nah—our; paramam—the supreme; ca—and; daivatam—worshipable Deity; yasya—whose; anuvrttya—following in the footsteps; krtinah—successful; babhuvima—we have become.
O creator of the universe, You are our mother, well-wisher, Lord, father, spiritual master and worshipable Deity. By following in Your footsteps we have become successful in every respect. We pray, therefore, that You continue to bless us with Your mercy.
The all-good Personality of Godhead, being the creator of the universe, also plans for the good of all good living beings. The good living beings are advised by the Lord to follow His good advice, and by doing so they become successful in all spheres of life. There is no need to worship any deity but the Lord. The Lord is all-powerful, and if He is satisfied by our obedience unto His lotus feet, He is competent to bestow upon us all kinds of blessings for the successful execution of both our material and spiritual lives. For attaining spiritual existence, the human form is a chance for all to understand our eternal relation with God. Our relation with Him is eternal; it can neither be broken nor vanquished. It may be forgotten for the time being, but it can be revived also by the grace of the Lord, if we follow His injunctions, which are revealed in the scriptures of all times and all places.

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