aruruksanti mayabhir
utsisrpsanti ye divam
tan dasyun vidhunomy ajnan
purvasmac ca padad adhah
aruruksantipersons who desire to come to the upper planetary systems; mayabhihby so-called mystic power or material advancement of science; utsisrpsantior want to be liberated by such false attempts; yesuch persons who; divamthe higher planetary system known as Svargaloka; tansuch rogues and ruffians; dasyunsuch thieves; vidhunomiI force to go down; ajnanrascals; purvasmatprevious; caalso; padatfrom the position; adhahdownward.
Those fools and rascals who want to ascend to the upper planetary system by mystic power or mechanical means, or who endeavor to cross even the upper planets and achieve the spiritual world or liberation, I cause to be sent to the lowest region of the universe.
There are undoubtedly different planetary systems for different persons. As stated in Bhagavad-gita (14.18), urdhvam gacchanti sattva-sthah: persons in the mode of goodness can go to the upper planets. Those in the modes of darkness and passion, however, are not allowed to enter the higher planets. The word divam refers to the higher planetary system known as Svargaloka. Indra, King of the higher planetary system, has the power to push down any conditioned soul attempting to go from the lower to the higher planets without proper qualifications. The modern attempt to go to the moon is also an attempt by inferior men to go to Svargaloka by artificial, mechanical means. This attempt cannot be successful. From this statement of Indra it appears that anyone attempting to go to the higher planetary systems by mechanical means, which are here called maya, is condemned to go the hellish planets in the lower portion of the universe. To go to the higher planetary system, one needs sufficient good qualities. A sinful person situated in the mode of ignorance and addicted to drinking, meat-eating and illicit sex will never enter the higher planets by mechanical means.

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