so ’ham durmayinas te ’dya
vajrena sata-parvana
siro harisye mandatman
ghatasva jnatibhih saha
sah—I am the same powerful person; aham—I; durmayinah—of you, who can perform so much jugglery with illusions; te—of you; adya—today; vajrena—by the thunderbolt; sata-parvana—which has hundreds of sharp edges; sirah—the head; harisye—I shall separate; manda-atman—O you with a poor fund of knowledge; ghatasva—just try to exist on this battlefield; jnatibhih saha—with your relatives and assistants.
Today, with my thunderbolt, which has hundreds of sharp edges, I, the same powerful person, shall sever your head from your body. Although you can produce so much jugglery through illusion, you are endowed with a poor fund of knowledge. Now, try to exist on this battlefield with your relatives and friends.

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