cakarta saptadha garbham
vajrena kanaka-prabham
rudantam saptadhaikaikam
ma rodir iti tan punah
cakartahe cut; sapta-dhainto seven pieces; garbhamthe embryo; vajrenaby his thunderbolt; kanakaof gold; prabhamwhich had the appearance; rudantamcrying; sapta-dhainto seven pieces; eka-ekameach one; ma rodihdo not cry; itithus; tanthem; punahagain.
After entering Ditis womb, Indra, with the help of his thunderbolt, cut into seven pieces her embryo, which appeared like glowing gold. In seven places, seven different living beings began crying. Indra told them, Do not cry, and then he cut each of them into seven pieces again.
Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura remarks that Indra, by his yogic power, first expanded the body of the one Marut into seven, and then when he cut each of the seven parts of the original body into pieces, there were forty-nine. When each body was cut into seven, other living entities entered the new bodies, and thus they were like plants, which become separate entities when cut into various parts and planted on a hill. The first body was one, and when it was cut into many pieces, many other living entities entered the new bodies.

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