labdhva tad-antaram sakro
diteh pravista udaram
yogeso yoga-mayaya
labdhva—finding; tat-antaram—after that; sakrahIndra; nidra—by sleep; apahrta-cetasah—unconscious; diteh—of Diti; pravistah—entered; udaram—the womb; yoga-isah—the master of yoga; yoga—of yogic perfections; mayaya—by the power.
Finding this fault, Indra, who has all the mystic powers [the yoga-siddhis such as anima and laghima], entered Ditiís womb while she was unconscious, being fast asleep.
A perfectly successful yogi is expert in eight kinds of perfection. By one of them, called anima-siddhi, he can become smaller than an atom, and in that state he can enter anywhere. With this yogic power, Indra entered the womb of Diti while she was pregnant.

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