aham hare tava padaika-mula-
dasanudaso bhavitasmi bhuyah
manah smaretasu-pater gunams te
grnita vak karma karotu kayah
ahamI; hareO my Lord; tavaof Your Lordship; pada-eka-mulawhose only shelter is the lotus feet; dasa-anudasahthe servant of Your servant; bhavitasmishall I become; bhuyahagain; manahmy mind; smaretamay remember; asu-patehof the Lord of my life; gunanthe attributes; teof Your Lordship; grnitamay chant; vakmy words; karmaactivities of service to You; karotumay perform; kayahmy body.
O my Lord, O Supreme Personality of Godhead, will I again be; able to be a servant of Your eternal servants who find shelter only at Your lotus feet? O Lord of my life, may I again become their servant so that my mind may always think of Your transcendental attributes, my words always glorify those attributes, and my body always engage in the loving service of Your Lordship?
This verse gives the sum and substance of devotional life. One must first become a servant of the servant of the servant of the Lord (dasanudasa). Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu advised, and He also showed by His own example, that a living entity should always desire to be a servant of the servant of the servant of Krsna, the maintainer of the gopis (gopi-bhartuh pada-kamalayor dasa-dasanudasah). This means that one must accept a spiritual master who comes in the disciplic succession and is a servant of the servant of the Lord. Under his direction, one must then engage ones three properties, namely his body, mind and words. The body should be engaged in physical activity under the order of the master, the mind should think of Krsna incessantly, and ones words should be engaged in preaching the glories of the Lord. If one is thus engaged in the loving service of the Lord, ones life is successful.

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