na naka-prstham na ca paramesthyam
na sarva-bhaumam na rasadhipatyam
na yoga-siddhir apunar-bhavam va
samanjasa tva virahayya kankse
nanot; naka-prsthamthe heavenly planets or Dhruvaloka; nanor; caalso; paramesthyamthe planet on which Lord Brahma resides; nanor; sarva-bhaumamsovereignty of the whole earthly planetary system; nanor; rasa-adhipatyamsovereignty of the lower planetary systems; nanor; yoga-siddhiheight kinds of mystic yogic power (anima, laghima, mahima, etc.); apunah-bhavamliberation from rebirth in a material body; vaor; samanjasaO source of all opportunities; tvaYou; virahayyabeing separated from; kankseI desire.
O my Lord, source of all opportunities, I do not desire to enjoy in Dhruvaloka, the heavenly planets or the planet where Lord Brahma resides, nor do I want to be the supreme ruler of all the earthly planets or the lower planetary systems. I do not desire to be master of the powers of mystic yoga, nor do I want liberation if I have to give up Your lotus feet.
A pure devotee never desires to gain material opportunities by rendering transcendental loving service to the Lord. A pure devotee desires only to engage in loving service to the Lord in the constant association of the Lord and His eternal associates, as stated in the previous verse (dasanudaso bhavitasmi). As confirmed by Narottama dasa Thakura:
To serve the Lord and the servants of His servants, in the association of devotees, is the only objective of a pure, unalloyed devotee.

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