tan aksatan svastimato nisamya
sastrastra-pugair atha vrtra-nathah
drumair drsadbhir vividhadri-srngair
aviksatams tatrasur indra-sainikan
tan—them (the soldiers of the demigods); aksatan—not injured; svasti-matah—being very healthy; nisamya—seeing; sastra-astra-pugaih—by the bunches of weapons and mantras; atha—thereupon; vrtra-nathah—the soldiers led by Vrtrasura; drumaih—by the trees; drsadbhih—by the stones; vividha—various; adri—of mountain s; srngaih—by the peaks; aviksatan—not injured; tatrasuh—became afraid; indra-sainikan—the soldiers of King Indra.
When the soldiers of the demons, commanded by Vrtrasura, saw that the soldiers of King Indra were quite well, having not been injured at all by their volleys of weapons, not even by the trees, stones and mountain peaks, the demons were very much afraid.

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