sarve prayasa abhavan vimoghah
krtah krta deva-ganesu daityaih
krsnanukulesu yatha mahatsu
ksudraih prayukta usati ruksa-vacah
sarve—all; prayasah—endeavors; abhavan—were; vimoghah—futile; krtah—performed; krtah—again performed; deva-ganesu—unto the demigods; daityaih—by the demons; krsna-anukulesu—who were always protected by Krsna; yatha—just as; mahatsu—unto the Vaisnavas; ksudraih—by insignificant persons; prayuktah—used; usatih—unfavorable; ruksa—rough; vacah—words.
When insignificant persons use rough words to cast false, angry accusations against saintly persons, their fruitless words do not disturb the great personalities. Similarly, all the efforts of the demons against the demigods, who were favorably situated under the protection of Krsna, were futile.
There is a Bengali saying that if a vulture curses a cow to die, the curse will not be effective. Similarly, accusations made by demoniac persons against devotees of Krsna cannot have any effect. The demigods are devotees of Lord Krsna, and therefore the curses of the demons were futile.

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