atha ksinastra-sastraugha
abhyavarsan sura-balam
cicchidus tams ca purvavat
atha—thereupon; ksina—being reduced; astra—of the arrows released by mantras; sastra—and weapons; oghah—the multitudes; giri—of mountains; srnga—with the peaks; druma—with trees; upalaih—and with stones; abhyavarsan—showered; sura-balam—the soldiers of the demigods; cicchiduh—broke to pieces; tan—them; ca—and; purva-vat—as before.
As their weapons and mantras decreased, the demons began showering mountain peaks, trees and stones upon the demigod soldiers, but the demigods were so powerful and expert that they nullified all these weapons by breaking them to pieces in the sky as before.

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