anyada bhrsam udvigna-mana nasta-dravina iva krpanah sakarunam ati-tarsena harina-kunaka-viraha-vihvala-hrdaya-santapas tam evanusocan kila kasmalam mahad abhirambhita iti hovaca.
anyadasometimes (not seeing the calf); bhrsamvery much; udvigna-manahhis mind full of anxiety; nasta-dravinahwho has lost his riches; ivalike; krpanaha miserly man; sa-karunampiteously; ati-tarsenawith great anxiety; harina-kunakafrom the calf of the deer; virahaby separation; vihvalaagitated; hrdayain mind or heart; santapahwhose affliction; tamthat calf; evaonly; anusocancontinuously thinking of; kilacertainly; kasmalamillusion; mahatvery great; abhirambhitahobtained; itithus; hacertainly; uvacasaid.
If Bharata Maharaja sometimes could not see the deer, his mind would be very agitated. He would become like a miser, who, having obtained some riches, had lost them and had then become very unhappy. When the deer was gone, he would be filled with anxiety and would lament due to separation. Thus he would become illusioned and speak as follows.
If a poor man loses some money or gold, he at once becomes very agitated. Similarly, the mind of Maharaja Bharata would become agitated when he did not see the deer. This is an example of how our attachment can be transferred. If our attachment is transferred to the Lords service, we progress. Srila Rupa Gosvami prayed to the Lord that he would be as naturally attracted to the Lords service as young men and young women are naturally attracted to each other. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu exhibited such attachment to the Lord when He jumped into the ocean or cried at night in separation. However, if our attachment is diverted to material things instead of to the Lord, we will fall down from the spiritual platform.

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