ye tv iha vai dasyavo gnida garada graman sarthan va vilumpanti rajano raja-bhata va tams capi hi paretya yamaduta vajra-damstrah svanah sapta-satani vimsatis ca sarabhasam khadanti.
yepersons who; tubut; ihain this life; vaiindeed; dasyavahthieves and plunderers; agni-dahwho set fire; garadahwho administer poison; gramanvillages; sarthanthe mercantile class of men; vaor; vilumpantiplunder; rajanahkings; raja-bhatahgovernment officials; vaor; tanthem; caalso; apiindeed; hicertainly; paretyahaving died; yamadutahthe assistants of Yamaraja; vajra-damstrahhaving mighty teeth; svanahdogs; sapta-sataniseven hundred; vimsatihtwenty; caand; sarabhasamvoraciously; khadantidevour.
In this world, some persons are professional plunderers who set fire to others houses or administer poison to them. Also, members of the royalty or government officials sometimes plunder mercantile men by forcing them to pay income tax and by other methods. After death such demons are put into the hell known as Sarameyadana. On that planet there are 720 dogs with teeth as strong as thunderbolts. Under the orders of the agents of Yamaraja, these dogs voraciously devour such sinful people.
In the Twelfth Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam, it is said that in this age of Kali everyone will be extremely disturbed by three kinds of tribulations: scarcity of rain, famine, and heavy taxation by the government. Because human beings are becoming more and more sinful. there will be a scarcity of rain, and naturally no food grains will be produced. On the plea of relieving the suffering caused by the ensuing famine, the government will impose heavy taxes, especially on the wealthy mercantile community. In this verse, the members of such a government are described as dasyu, thieves. Their main activity will be to plunder the wealth of the people. Whether a highway robber or a government thief, such a man will be punished in his next life by being thrown into the hell known as Sarameyadana, where he will suffer greatly from the bites of ferocious dogs.

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