yas tv iha vai savarnam bharyam dvijo retah payayati kama-mohitas tam papa-krtam amutra retah-kulyayam patayitva retah sampayayanti.
yah—any person who; tu—but; iha—in this life; vai—indeed; savarnam—of the same caste; bharyam—his wife; dvijah—a person of a higher caste (such as a brahmana, ksatriya or vaisya); retah—the semen; payayati—causes to drink; kama-mohitah—being deluded by lusty desires; tam—him; papa-krtam—performing sin; amutra—in the next life; retah-kulyayam—in a river of semen; patayitva—throwing; retah—semen; sampayayanti—force to drink.
If a foolish member of the twice-born classes [brahmana, ksatriya and vaisya] forces his wife to drink his semen out of a lusty desire to keep her under control, he is put after death into the hell known as Lalabhaksa. There he is thrown into a flowing river of semen, which he is forced to drink.
The practice of forcing one’s wife to drink one’s own semen is a black art practiced by extremely lusty persons. Those who practice this very abominable activity say that if a wife is forced to drink her husband’s semen, she remains very faithful to him. Generally only low-class men engage in this black art, but if a man born in a higher class does so, after death he is put into the hell known as Lalabhaksa. There he is immersed in the river known as Sukra-nadi and forced to drink semen.

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