sotsrjya dhairyam vilalapa soka-
davagnina dava-lateva bala
vakyam sapatnyah smarati saroja-
sriya drsa baspa-kalam uvaha
sa—she; utsrjya—giving up; dhairyam—patience; vilalapa—lamented; soka-dava-agnina—by the fire of grief; dava-lata iva—like burnt leaves; bala—the woman; vakyam—words; sa-patnyah—spoken by her co-wife; smarati—remember; saroja-sriya—a face as beautiful as a lotus; drsa—by looking; baspa-kalam—weeping; uvaha—said.
This incident was unbearable to Sunitiís patience. She began to burn as if in a forest fire, and in her grief she became just like a burnt leaf and so lamented. As she remembered the words of her co-wife, her bright, lotuslike face filled with tears, and thus she spoke.
When a man is aggrieved, he feels exactly like a burnt leaf in a forest fire. Sunitiís position was like that. Although her face was as beautiful as a lotus flower, it dried up because of the burning fire caused by the harsh words of her co-wife.

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