dirgham svasanti vrjinasya param
apasyati balakam aha bala
mamangalam tata paresu mamstha
bhunkte jano yat para-duhkhadas tat
dirgham—heavy; svasanti—breathing; vrjinasya—of the danger; param—limitation; apasyati—without finding; balakam—to her son; aha—said; bala—the lady; ma—let there not be; amangalam—ill fortune; tata—my dear son; paresu—unto others; mamsthah—desire; bhunkte—suffered; janah—person; yat—that which; para-duhkhadah—who is apt to inflict pains upon others; tat—that.
She also was breathing very heavily, and she did not know the factual remedy for the painful situation. Not finding any remedy, she said to her son: My dear son, donít wish for anything inauspicious for others. Anyone who inflicts pains upon others suffers himself from that pain.

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