satyam surucyabhihitam bhavan me
yad durbhagaya udare grhitah
stanyena vrddhas ca vilajjate yam
bharyeti va vodhum idaspatir mam
satyam—truth; surucya—by Queen Suruci; abhihitam—narrated; bhavan—unto you; me—of me; yat—because; durbhagayah—of the unfortunate; udare—in the womb; grhitah—taken birth; stanyena—fed by the breast milk; vrddhah ca—grown up; vilajjate—becomes ashamed; yam—unto one; bharya—wife; iti—thus; va—or; vodhum—to accept; idah-patih—the King; mam—me.
Suniti said: My dear boy, whatever has been spoken by Suruci is so, because the King, your father, does not consider me his wife or even his maidservant. He feels ashamed to accept me. Therefore it is a fact that you have taken birth from the womb of an unfortunate woman, and by being fed from her breast you have grown up.

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