tam nihsvasantam sphuritadharostham
sunitir utsanga uduhya balam
nisamya tat-paura-mukhan nitantam
sa vivyathe yad gaditam sapatnya
tamhim; nihsvasantamheavily breathing; sphuritatrembling; adhara-osthamupper and lower lips; sunitihQueen Suniti; utsangeon her lap; uduhyalifting; balamher son; nisamyaafter hearing; tat-paura-mukhatfrom the mouths of other inhabitants; nitantamall descriptions; sashe; vivyathebecame aggrieved; yatthat which; gaditamspoken; sa-patnyaby her co-wife.
When Dhruva Maharaja reached his mother, his lips were trembling in anger, and he was crying very grievously. Queen Suniti immediately lifted her son onto her lap, while the palace residents who had heard all the harsh words of Suruci related everything in detail. Thus Suniti also became greatly aggrieved.

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