taṁ niḥśvasantaṁ sphuritādharoṣṭhaṁ
sunītir utsaṅga udūhya bālam
niśamya tat-paura-mukhān nitāntaṁ
sā vivyathe yad gaditaṁ sapatnyā
tam—him; niḥśvasantam—heavily breathing; sphurita—trembling; adhara-oṣṭham—upper and lower lips; sunītiḥ—Queen Sunīti; utsaṅge—on her lap; udūhya—lifting; bālam—her son; niśamya—after hearing; tat-paura-mukhāt—from the mouths of other inhabitants; nitāntam—all descriptions; —she; vivyathe—became aggrieved; yat—that which; gaditam—spoken; sa-patnyā—by her co-wife.
When Dhruva Mahārāja reached his mother, his lips were trembling in anger, and he was crying very grievously. Queen Sunīti immediately lifted her son onto her lap, while the palace residents who had heard all the harsh words of Suruci related everything in detail. Thus Sunīti also became greatly aggrieved.

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