asasana jivitam adhvarasya
lokah sa-palah kupite na yasmin
tam asu devam priyaya vihinam
ksamapayadhvam hrdi viddham duruktaih
asasanah—wishing to ask; jivitam—for the duration; adhvarasya—of the sacrifice; lokah—all the planets; sa-palah—with their controllers; kupite—when angered; na—not; yasmin—whom; tam—that; asu—at once; devam—Lord Siva; priyaya—of his dear wife; vihinam—having been deprived; ksamapayadhvam—beg his pardon; hrdi—in his heart; viddham—very much afflicted; duruktaih—by unkind words.
Lord Brahma also advised them that Lord Siva is so powerful that by his anger all the planets and their chief controllers can be destroyed immediately. Also, he said that Lord Siva was especially sorry because he had recently lost his dear wife and was also very much afflicted by the unkind words of Daksa. Under the circumstances, Lord Brahma suggested, it would behoove them to go at once and beg his pardon.

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