vidura uvaca
sanchinnah samsayo mahyam
tava suktasina vibho
ubhayatrapi bhagavan
mano me sampradhavati
vidurah uvacaVidura said; sanchinnahcut off; samsayahdoubts; mahyamunto me; tavayour; sukta-asinaby the weapon of convincing words; vibhoO my lord; ubhayatra apiboth in God and in the living entity; bhagavanO powerful one; manahmind; memy; sampradhavatiperfectly entering.
Vidura said: O powerful sage, my lord, all my doubts about the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the living entities have now been removed by your convincing words. My mind is now perfectly entering into them.
The science of Krsna, or the science of God and the living entities, is so subtle that even a personality like Vidura has to consult persons like the sage Maitreya. Doubts about the eternal relationship of the Lord and the living entity are created by mental speculators in different ways, but the conclusive fact is that the relationship of God and the living entity is one of the predominator and the predominated. The Lord is the eternal predominator, and the living entities are eternally predominated. Real knowledge of this relationship entails reviving the lost consciousness to this standard, and the process for such revival is devotional service to the Lord. By clearly understanding from authorities like the sage Maitreya, one can become situated in real knowledge, and the disturbed mind can thus be fixed on the progressive path.

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