vaimanikah sa-lalanas caritani sasvad
gayanti yatra samala-ksapanani bhartuh
antar-jale ínuvikasan-madhu-madhavinam
gandhena khandita-dhiyo ípy anilam ksipantah
vaimanikah—flying in their airplanes; sa-lalanah—along with their wives; caritani—activities; sasvat—eternally; gayanti—sing; yatra—in those Vaikuntha planets; samala—all inauspicious qualities; ksapanani—devoid of; bhartuh—of the Supreme Lord; antah-jale—in the midst of the water; anuvikasat—blossoming; madhu—fragrant, laden with honey; madhavinam—of the madhavi flowers; gandhena—by the fragrance; khandita—disturbed; dhiyah—minds; api—even though; anilam—breeze; ksipantah—deriding.
In the Vaikuntha planets the inhabitants fly in their airplanes, accompanied by their wives and consorts, and eternally sing of the character and activities of the Lord, which are always devoid of all inauspicious qualities. While singing the glories of the Lord, they deride even the presence of the blossoming madhavi flowers, which are fragrant and laden with honey.
It appears from this verse that the Vaikuntha planets are full of all opulences. There are airplanes in which the inhabitants travel in the spiritual sky with their sweethearts. There is a breeze carrying the fragrance of blossoming flowers, and this breeze is so nice that it also carries the honey of the flowers. The inhabitants of Vaikuntha, however, are so interested in glorifying the Lord that they do not like the disturbance of such a nice breeze while they are chanting the Lordís glories. In other words, they are pure devotees. They consider glorification of the Lord more important than their own sense gratification. In the Vaikuntha planets there is no question of sense gratification. To smell the fragrance of a blossoming flower is certainly very nice, but it is simply for sense gratification. The inhabitants of Vaikuntha give first preference to the service of the Lord, not their own sense gratification. Serving the Lord in transcendental love yields such transcendental pleasure that, in comparison, sense gratification is counted as insignificant.

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