yatra naihsreyasam nama
vanam kama-dughair drumaih
sarvartu-sribhir vibhrajat
kaivalyam iva murtimat
yatra—in the Vaikuntha planets; naihsreyasam—auspicious; nama—named; vanam—forests; kama-dughaih—yielding desire; drumaih—with trees; sarva—all; rtu—seasons; sribhih—with flowers and fruits; vibhrajat—splendid; kaivalyam—spiritual; iva—as; murtimat—personal.
In those Vaikuntha planets there are many forests which are very auspicious. In those forests the trees are desire trees, and in all seasons they are filled with flowers and fruits because everything in the Vaikuntha planets is spiritual and personal.
In the Vaikuntha planets the land, the trees, the fruits and flowers and the cows—everything—is completely spiritual and personal. The trees are desire trees. On this material planet the trees can produce fruits and flowers according to the order of material energy, but in the Vaikuntha planets the trees, the land, the residents and the animals are all spiritual. There is no difference between the tree and the animal or the animal and the man. Here the word murtimat indicates that everything has a spiritual form. Formlessness, as conceived by the impersonalists, is refuted in this verse; in the Vaikuntha planets, although everything is spiritual, everything has a particular form. The trees and the men have form, and because all of them, although differently formed, are spiritual, there is no difference between them.

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