bhavisyatas tavabhadrav
abhadre jatharadhamau
lokan sa-palams trims candi
muhur akrandayisyatah
bhavisyatahwill take birth; tavayour; abhadrautwo contemptuous sons; abhadreO unlucky one; jathara-adhamauborn of a condemned womb; lokanall planets; sa-palanwith their rulers; trinthree; candihaughty one; muhuhconstantly; akran-dayisyatahwill cause lamentation.
O haughty one, you will have two contemptuous sons born of your condemned womb. Unlucky woman, they will cause constant lamentation to all the three worlds!
Contemptuous sons are born of the condemned womb of their mother. In Bhagavad-gita (1.40) it is said, When there is deliberate negligence of the regulative principles of religious life, the women as a class become polluted, and as a result there are unwanted children. This is especially true for boys; if the mother is not good, there cannot be good sons. The learned Kasyapa could foresee the character of the sons who would be born of the condemned womb of Diti. The womb was condemned because of the mothers being too sexually inclined and thus transgressing all the laws and injunctions of the scriptures. In a society where such women are predominant, one should not expect good children.

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