praninam hanyamananam
dinanam akrtagasam
strinam nigrhyamananam
kopitesu mahatmasu
praninamwhen the living entities; hanyamananambeing killed; dinanamof the poor; akrta-agasamof the faultless; strinamof the women; nigrhyamananambeing tortured; kopitesubeing enraged; mahatmasuwhen the great souls.
They will kill poor, faultless living entities, torture women and enrage the great souls.
Demoniac activities are predominant when innocent, faultless living entities are killed, women are tortured, and the great souls engaged in Krsna consciousness are enraged. In a demoniac society, innocent animals are killed to satisfy the tongue, and women are tortured by unnecessary sexual indulgence. Where there are women and meat, there must be liquor and sex indulgence. When these are prominent in society, by Gods grace one can expect a change in the social order by the Lord Himself or by His bona fide representative.

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