maitreya uvaca
saivam samvidite bhartra
jagraha vaso brahmarser
vrsaliva gata-trapa
maitreyah uvaca—Maitreya said; sa—she; evam—thus; samvidite—in spite of being informed; bhartra—by her husband; manmatha—by Cupid; unmathita—being pressed; indriya—senses; jagraha—caught hold of; vasah—clothing; brahma-rseh—of the great brahmana-sage; vrsali—public prostitute; iva—like; gata-trapa—without shame.
Maitreya said: Diti was thus informed by her husband, but she was pressed by Cupid for sexual satisfaction. She caught hold of the clothing of the great brahmana sage, just like a shameless public prostitute.
The difference between a married wife and a public prostitute is that one is restrained in sex life by the rules and regulations of the scriptures, whereas the other is unrestricted in sex life and is conducted solely by the strong sex urge. Although very enlightened, Kasyapa, the great sage, became a victim of his prostitute wife. Such is the strong force of material energy.

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