brahmadayo yat-krta-setu-pala
yat-karanam visvam idam ca maya
ajna-kari yasya pisaca-carya
aho vibhumnas caritam vidambanam
brahma-adayahdemigods like Brahma; yatwhose; krtaactivities; setureligious rites; palahobservers; yatone who is; karanamthe origin of; visvamthe universe; idamthis; caalso; mayamaterial energy; ajna-kariorder carrier; yasyawhose; pisacadevilish; caryaactivity; ahoO my lord; vibhumnahof the great; caritamcharacter; vidambanamsimply imitation.
Demigods like Brahma also follow the religious rites observed by him. He is the controller of the material energy, which causes the creation of the material world. He is great, and therefore his devilish characteristics are simply imitation.
Lord Siva is the husband of Durga, the controller of the material energy. Durga is personified material energy, and Lord Siva, being her husband, is the controller of the material energy. He is also the incarnation of the mode of ignorance and one of the three deities representing the Supreme Lord. As His representative, Lord Siva is identical with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is very great, and his renunciation of all material enjoyment is an ideal example of how one should be materially unattached. One should therefore follow in his footsteps and be unattached to matter, not imitate his uncommon acts like drinking poison.

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