yaih kopitam brahma-kulam
rajanyair ajitatmabhih
tat kulam pradahaty asu
sanubandham sucarpitam
yaihby those; kopitamenraged; brahma-kulamthe order of the brahmanas; rajanyaihby the administrative order; ajitaunrestricted; atmabhihby oneself; tatthat; kulamfamily; pradahatiis burnt up; asuwithin no time; sa-anubandhamtogether with family members; suca-arpitambeing put into grief.
If the kingly administrative order, being unrestricted in sense control, offends the brahmana order and enrages them, then the fire of that rage burns up the whole body of the royal family and brings grief upon all.
The brahmana order of society, or the spiritually advanced caste or community, and the members of such highly elevated families, were always held in great esteem by the other, subordinate castes, namely the administrative kingly order, the mercantile order and the laborers.

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