ma rodid asya janani
gautami pati-devata
yathaham mrta-vatsarta
rodimy asru-mukhi muhuh
ma—do not; rodit—make cry; asya—his; janani—mother; gautami—the wife of Drona; pati-devata—chaste; yatha—as has; aham—myself; mrta-vatsa—one whose child is dead; arta—distressed; rodimi—crying; asru-mukhi—tears in the eyes; muhuh—constantly.
My lord, do not make the wife of Dronacarya cry like me. I am aggrieved for the death of my sons. She need not cry constantly like me.
Sympathetic good lady as she was, Srimati Draupadi did not want to put the wife of Dronacarya in the same position of childlessness, both from the point of motherly feelings and from the respectable position held by the wife of Dronacarya.

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