tad dharmajna maha-bhaga
bhavadbhir gauravam kulam
vrjinam narhati praptum
pujyam vandyam abhiksnasah
tat—therefore; dharma-jna—one who is aware of the principles of religion; maha-bhaga—the most fortunate; bhavadbhih—by your good self; gauravam—glorified; kulam—the family; vrjinam—that which is painful; na—not; arhati—does deserve; praptum—for obtaining; pujyam—the worshipable; vandyam—respectable; abhiksnasah—constantly.
O most fortunate one who knows the principles of religion, it is not good for you to cause grief to glorious family members who are always respectable and worshipful.
A slight insult for a respectable family is sufficient to invoke grief. Therefore, a cultured man should always be careful in dealing with worshipful family members.

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