suta uvaca
dharmyam nyayyam sakarunam
nirvyalikam samam mahat
raja dharma-suto rajnyah
pratyanandad vaco dvijah
sutah uvacaSuta Gosvami said; dharmyam—in accordance with the principles of religion; nyayyam—justice; sa-karunam—full of mercy; nirvyalikam—without duplicity in dharma; samam—equity; mahat—glorious; raja—the King; dharma-sutah—son; rajnyah—by the Queen; pratyanandat—supported; vacah—statements; dvijah—O brahmanas.
Suta Gosvami said: O brahmanas, King Yudhisthira fully supported the statements of the Queen, which were in accordance with the principles of religion and were justified, glorious, full of mercy and equity, and without duplicity.
Maharaja Yudhisthira, who was the son of Dharmaraja, or Yamaraja, fully supported the words of Queen Draupadi in asking Arjuna to release Asvatthama. One should not tolerate the humiliation of a member of a great family. Arjuna and his family were indebted to the family of Dronacarya because of Arjuna's learning the military science from him. If ingratitude were shown to such a benevolent family, it would not be at all justified from the moral standpoint. The wife of Dronacarya, who was the half body of the great soul, must be treated with compassion, and she should not be put into grief because of her son's death. That is compassion. Such statements by Draupadi are without duplicity because actions should be taken with full knowledge. The feeling of equality was there because Draupadi spoke out of her personal experience. A barren woman cannot understand the grief of a mother. Draupadi was herself a mother, and therefore her calculation of the depth of Krpi's grief was quite to the point. And it was glorious because she wanted to show proper respect to a great family.

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