sa visnu-rato 'tithaya agataya
tasmai saparyam sirasajahara
tato nivrtta hy abudhah striyo 'rbhaka
mahasane sopavivesa pujitah
sah—he; visnu-ratahMaharaja Pariksit (who is always protected by Lord Visnu); atithaye—to become a guest; agataya—one who arrived there; tasmai—unto him; saparyam—with the whole body; sirasa—with bowed head; ajahara—offered obeisances; tatah—thereafter; nivrttah—ceased; hi—certainly; abudhah—less intelligent; striyah—women; arbhakah—boys; maha-asane—exalted seat; sa—he; upavivesasat down; pujitah—being respected.
Maharaja Pariksit, who is also known as Visnurata [one who is always protected by Visnu], bowed his head to receive the chief guest, Sukadeva Gosvami. At that time all the ignorant women and boys ceased following Srila Sukadeva. Receiving respect from all, Sukadeva Gosvami took his exalted seat.
On Sukadeva Gosvami's arrival at the meeting, everyone, except Srila Vyasadeva, Narada and a few others, stood up, and Maharaja Pariksit, who was glad to receive a great devotee of the Lord, bowed down before him with all the limbs of his body. Sukadeva Gosvami also exchanged the greetings and reception by embrace, shaking of hands, nodding and bowing down, especially before his father and Narada Muni. Thus he was offered the presidential seat at the meeting. When he was so received by the king and sages, the street boys and less intelligent women who followed him were struck with wonder and fear. So they retired from their frivolous activities, and everything was full of gravity and calm.

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