syamam sadapivya-vayo-'nga-laksmya
strinam mano-jnam rucira-smitena
pratyutthitas te munayah svasanebhyas
tal-laksana-jna api gudha-varcasam
syamamblackish; sadaalways; apivyaexcessively; vayahage; angasymptoms; laksmyaby the opulence of; strinamof the fair sex; manah-jnamattractive; rucirabeautiful; smitenasmiling; pratyutthitahstood up; teall of them; munayahthe great sages; svaown; asanebhyahfrom the seats; tatthose; laksana-jnahexpert in the art of physiognomy; apieven; gudha-varcasamcovered glories.
He was blackish and very beautiful due to his youth. Because of the glamor of his body and his attractive smiles, he was pleasing to women. Though he tried to cover his natural glories, the great sages present there were all expert in the art of physiognomy, and so they honored him by rising from their seats.

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