sa samvrtas tatra mahan mahiyasam
vyarocatalam bhagavan yathendur
graharksa-tara-nikaraih paritah
sah—Sri Sukadeva Gosvami; samvrtah—surrounded by; tatra—there; mahan—great; mahiyasam—of the greatest; brahmarsi—saint among the brahmanas; rajarsi—saint among the kings; devarsi—saint among the demigods; sanghaih—by the assembly of; vyarocata—well deserved; alam—able; bhagavan—powerful; yatha—as; induh—the moon; graha—planets; rksa—heavenly bodies; tara—stars; nikaraih—by the assembly of; paritah—surrounded by.
Sukadeva Gosvami was then surrounded by saintly sages and demigods just as the moon is surrounded by stars, planets and other heavenly bodies. His presence was gorgeous, and he was respected by all.
In the great assembly of saintly personalities, there was Vyasadeva the brahmarsi, Narada the devarsi, Parasurama the great ruler of the ksatriya kings, etc. Some of them were powerful incarnations of the Lord. Sukadeva Gosvami was not known as brahmarsi, rajarsi or devarsi, nor was he an incarnation like Narada, Vyasa or Parasurama. And yet he excelled them in respects paid. This means that the devotee of the Lord is more honored in the world than the Lord Himself. One should therefore never minimize the importance of a devotee like Sukadeva Gosvami.

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