A person who is unaffected by attachment and envy is said to possess equilibrium.
An example of Krsna's equilibrium is given in the Tenth Canto, 16th Chapter, 29th verse, of Srimad-Bhagavatam in connection with His chastising Kaliya, the hundred-headed serpent. While Kaliya was being severely punished, all of his wives appeared before the Lord and prayed as follows: "My dear Lord, You have descended to punish all kinds of demoniac living creatures. Our husband, this Kaliya, is a greatly sinful creature, and so Your punishment for him is quite appropriate. We know that Your punishment for Your enemies and Your dealings with Your sons are both the same. We know that it is in thinking of the future welfare of this condemned creature that You have chastised him."
In another prayer it is said, "My dear Lord Krsna, best of all the Kuru dynasty, You are so impartial that if even Your enemy is qualified, You will reward him; and if one of Your sons is a culprit, You will chastise him. This is Your business, because You are the supreme author of universes. You have no partiality. If anyone finds any partiality in Your characteristics, he is surely mistaken."

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