A person who is fully satisfied in himself, without any hankering, and who is not agitated even in the presence of serious cause for distress, is called self-satisfied.
An example of Krsna's self-satisfaction was exhibited when He, Arjuna and Bhima went to challenge Jarasandha, the formidable king of Magadha, and Krsna gave all credit to Bhima for the killing of Jarasandha. From this we can understand that Krsna never cares at all for fame, although no one can be more famous.
An example of His not being disturbed was shown when Sisupala began to call Him ill names. All the kings and brahmanas assembled at the sacrificial arena of Maharaj Yudhisthira became perturbed and immediately wanted to satisfy Krsna by offering nice prayers. But all these kings and brahmanas could not discover any disturbance in Krsna's person.

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