Any person who is very charitably disposed is called magnanimous.
When Krsna was reigning over Dvaraka, He was so magnanimous and charitably disposed that there was no limit to His charity. In fact, so great was His charity in Dvaraka that even the spiritual kingdom, with all of its opulence of cintamani (touchstone), desire trees and surabhi cows, was surpassed. In the spiritual kingdom of Lord Krsna, named Goloka Vrndavana, there are surabhi cows which give unlimited quantities of milk. There are desire trees from which anyone can take all kinds of fruits, as much as he may desire. The land is made of touchstone, which when touched to iron will transform it into gold. In other words, although in the spiritual kingdom, the abode of Krsna, everything is wonderfully opulent, still when Krsna was in Dvaraka His charity exceeded the opulences of Goloka Vrndavana. Wherever Krsna is present, the limitless opulence of Goloka Vrndavana is automatically present.
It is also stated that while Lord Krsna was living in Dvaraka, He expanded Himself into 16,108 forms, and each and every expansion resided in a palace with a queen. Not only was Krsna happily living with His queens in those palaces, but He was giving in charity from each palace an aggregate number of 13,054 cows completely decorated with nice clothing and ornaments. From each of Krsna's 16,108 palaces, these cows were being given in charity by Krsna every day. No one can estimate the value of such a large number of cows given in charity, but that was the system of Krsna's daily affairs while He was reigning in Dvaraka.

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