TEXT 214
anyonye visuddha preme kare rasa pusta
tan-sabara prema dekhi' krsna haya tusta
anyonyeby one another; visuddhatranscendental; premein love of Godhead; karemakes; rasathe mellow; pustanourished; tan-sabaraof all of them; premathe love of Godhead; dekhi'-seeing; krsnaLord Krsna; hayabecomes; tustasatisfied.
"The transcendental mellow is nourished by that mutual behavior in transcendental love of Godhead. When Lord Krsna sees how the gopis have developed pure love for Him, He becomes very satisfied.
Srimati Radharani and the gopis are not interested in their personal happiness derived from association with Krsna. Rather, they become happy by seeing one another associate with Krsna. In this way their dealings are further nourished by love of Godhead, and seeing this, Krsna is very pleased.

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