TEXT 215
sahaja gopira prema,--nahe prakrta kama
kama-krida-samye tara kahi 'kama'-nama
sahaja—natural; gopira—of the gopis; prema—love of Godhead; nahe—is not; prakrta—material; kama—lust; kama-krida—lusty affairs; samye—in appearing equal to; tara—of such activities; kahi—I speak; kama-nama—the name "lust."
"It is to be noted that the natural characteristic of the gopis is to love the Supreme Lord. Their lusty desire is not to be compared to material lust. Nonetheless, because their desire sometimes appears to resemble material lust, their transcendental love for Krsna is sometimes described as lust.
Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura says that material lust should never be attributed to Krsna, who is full of transcendental knowledge. Material lust cannot be engaged in the service of the Lord, for it is applicable to materialists, not to Krsna. Only prema, or love of Godhead, is applicable for the satisfaction of Krsna. Prema is full service rendered unto the Lord. The lusty affairs of the gopis actually constitute the topmost love of Godhead because the gopis never act for their own personal satisfaction. They are simply pleased by engaging other gopis in the service of the Lord. The gopis derive more transcendental pleasure from indirectly engaging other gopis in the service of Krsna than from engaging in His service themselves. That is the difference between material lust and love of Godhead. Lust applies to the material world, and love of Godhead applies only to Krsna.

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