TEXT 177
madhya-vayasa, sakhi-skandhe kara-nyasa
krsnalila-manovrtti-sakhi asa-pasa
madhya-vayasaadolescence; sakhiof a friend; skandheon the shoulder; karahand; nyasakeeping; krsnaof Lord Krsna; lilathe pastimes; manahof the mind; vrttiactivities; sakhigopis; asa-pasahere and there.
"Srimati Radharani's gopi friends are Her mental activities, which are concentrated on the pastimes of Sri Krsna. She keeps Her hand on the shoulder of a friend, who represents youth.
Radharani's eight companions (asta-sakhi) are different varieties of pleasure connected with the pastimes of Krsna. Following those pastimes of Sri Krsna are other activities, which are represented by the assistants of the gopis.

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