TEXT 114
yaya ksetra-jna-saktih sa
vestita nrpa sarva-ga
samsara-tapan akhilan
avapnoty atra santatan
yaya—by which; ksetra-jna-saktih—the living entities, known as the ksetra-jna potency; sa—that potency; vestita—covered; nrpa—O King; sarva-ga—capable of going anywhere in the spiritual or material worlds; samsara-tapan—miseries due to the cycle of repeated birth and death; akhilan—all kinds of; avapnoti—obtains; atra—in this material world; santatan—arising from suffering or enjoying various kinds of reactions to fruitive activities.
" 'O King, the ksetra-jna-sakti is the living entity. Although he has the facility to live in either the material or spiritual world, he suffers the threefold miseries of material existence because he is influenced by the avidya [nescience] potency, which covers his constitutional position.
This and the following verse are also quoted from the Visnu Purana (6.7.62-63).

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