TEXT 113
saktayah sarva-bhavanam
yato 'to brahmanas tas tu
sargadya bhava-saktayah
bhavanti tapatam srestha
pavakasya yathosnata
saktayah—energies; sarva-bhavanam—of all types of creation; acintya—inconceivable; jnana-gocarah—by the range of man's knowledge; yatah—from whom; atah—therefore; brahmanah—from the Absolute Truth; tah—those; tu—but; sarga-adyah—bringing about creation, maintenance and annihilation; bhava-saktayah—the creative energies; bhavanti—are; tapatam—of all the ascetics; srestha—O chief; pavakasya—of fire; yatha—as; usnata—heat.
" 'All the creative energies, which are inconceivable to a common man, exist in the Supreme Absolute Truth. These inconceivable energies act in the process of creation, maintenance and annihilation. O chief of the ascetics, just as there are two energies possessed by fire-namely heat and light-these inconceivable creative energies are the natural characteristics of the Absolute Truth.'
This is a quotation from the Visnu Purana (1.3.2).

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