TEXT 112
visnu-saktih para prokta
ksetrajnakhya tatha para
avidya-karma-samjnan ya
trtiya saktir isyate
visnu-saktih—the potency of Lord Visnu; para—spiritual; prokta—it is said; ksetra-jna-akhya—the potency known as ksetrajna; tatha—as well as; para—spiritual; avidya—ignorance; karma—fruitive activities; samjna—known as; anya—other; trtiya—third; saktih—potency; isyate—known thus.
" 'Originally, Krsna's energy is spiritual, and the energy known as the living entity is also spiritual. However, there is another energy, called illusion, which consists of fruitive activity. That is the Lord's third potency.'
This is a quotation from the Visnu Purana (6.7.61). For a further explanation of this verse, refer to the Adi-lila, Chapter Seven, verse 119.

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