yah kaumara-harah sa eva hi varas ta eva caitra-ksapas
te conmilita-malati-surabhayah praudhah kadambanilah
sa caivasmi tathapi tatra surata-vyapara-lila-vidhau
reva-rodhasi vetasi-taru-tale cetah samutkanthate
yahthat same person who; kaumara-harahthe thief of my heart during youth; sahhe; eva hicertainly; varahlover; tahthese; evacertainly; caitra-ksapahmoonlit nights of the month of Caitra; tethose; caand; unmilitafructified; malatiof malati flowers; surabhayahfragrances; praudhahfull; kadambawith the fragrance of the kadamba flower; anilahthe breezes; sathat one; caalso; evacertainly; asmiI am; tathapistill; tatrathere; surata-vyaparain intimate transactions; lilaof pastimes; vidhauin the manner; revaof the river named Reva; rodhasion the bank; vetasiof the name Vetasi; taru-taleunderneath the tree; cetahmy mind; samutkanthateis very eager to go.
"That very personality who stole away my heart during my youth is now again my master. These are the same moonlit nights of the month of Caitra. The same fragrance of malati flowers is there, and the same sweet breezes are blowing from the kadamba forest. In our intimate relationship, I am also the same lover, yet still my mind is not happy here. I am eager to go back to that place on the bank of the Reva under the Vetasi tree. That is my desire."
This verse appears in the Padyavali (386), an anthology of verses compiled by Srila Rupa Gosvami.

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