TEXT 146
akarunyah krsno yadi mayi tavagah katham idam
mudha ma rodir me kuru param imam uttara-krtim
tamalasya skandhe vinihita-bhuja-vallarir iyam
yatha vrndaranye ciram avicala tisthati tanuh
akarunyahvery cruel; krsnahLord Krsna; yadiif; mayiunto Me; tavayour; agahoffense; kathamhow; idamthis; mudhauselessly; ma rodihdo not cry; me-for Me; kurudo; parambut afterwards; imamthis; uttara-krtimfinal act; tamalasyaof a tamala tree; skandhethe trunk; vinihitafixed upon; bhuja-vallariharms like creepers; iyamthis; yathaas far as possible; vrnda-aranyein the forest of Vrndavana; ciramforever; avicalawithout being disturbed; tisthatiremains; tanuhthe body.
Srimati Radharani said to Her constant companion Visakha: "My dear friend, if Krsna is unkind to Me, there will be no need for you to cry, for it wiIl not be due to any fault of yours. I shall then have to die, but afterwards please do one thing for Me: to observe My funeral ceremony, place My body with its arms embracing a tamala tree like creepers so that I may remain forever in Vrndavana undisturbed. That is My last request."(Vidagdha-madhava 2.47)

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